TRANS PRIDE AUSTRALIA Inc is a social and support group for trans and gender diverse people and their loved ones in Australia.

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In 2015 co-founder founder and President, Peta Friend, was watching a scene from I am Cait where Caitlin Jenner and Candis Cayne chatting and laughing about all things trans and she realised she was craving this kind of friendship and connection with her own trans siblings in Sydney, Australia. So she invited friends Penny Clifford, Colleen Windsor, Victoria Anthony and Chi Chi Farrugia to lunch and they plotted and planned a social group.  A place they could meet up in person once a month and stay connected online.  Penny Clifford came up with the name Trans Sydney Pride and the group was born.


Fast forward to today and the Facebook group has grown to over 1000 members, we have an allies group with over 1700 members, a partners group and a community and events page. With all the activity over the last few years and grand plans for the future it was inevitable we’d need to organise ourselves into an Incorporated Association.  Thanks to Dowson Turco Lawyers in Sydney we became Trans Pride Australia Inc in September 2018.


Trans Pride Australia is Australia’s largest trans and gender diverse social and support network. Since 2016 we’ve been organising social gatherings such as lunches, dinners, movies and parties.  We target the dates many disenfranchised people need a support network and surrogate family to celebrate with.


In November 2016 TPA organised a vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance.  The event is to commemorate those who have suffered as a result of transphobia.  It’s a gathering of community; of family, friends and allies to pay our respects and give voice to the many trans and gender diverse people across the globe who have been killed because of their gender identity. We worked with the Gender Centre to host this event and were supported by the City of Sydney, Stonewall and Sydney Star Observer. It was a beautiful commemoration at dusk at Taylors Square.  There were some touching speeches then everyone lit a candle while Somewhere Over the Rainbow was played on guitar.


We repeated the event the following year, and will continue to work with other aligned organisations to produce and grow this event in the future. 


In 2016 AJ Brown joined the admin team focusing on increasing and supporting the transmasculine and non-binary members.  


TPA’s relationship with Stonewall has continued for three years.  We produced three events for Pride Week including Transitioning in the Work Place in 2016, Trans Stories a Celebration in 2017 and How to be a Good Trans Ally in 2018. 


Trans Stories was developed and headlined Mardi Gras’ Queer Thinking Festival at Carraigeworks in February 2018. We invited trans elder Karen Chant to speak first.  The line-up included Collen Windsor, Katherine Maver, Peta Friend, AJ Brown and Lisa Freshwater, Chrissy Doyle, Kaya Wilson and trans diva Mamma Alto, a jazz singer who advocates for trans women of colour. It was a sell-out success.


In 2017 we marched in Mardi Gras for the first time as an organised transgender group. It was a small group of 20 trans people who braved the Oxford Street strip. We were very proud to receive a Community Group Special Commendation from Mardi Gras for our efforts.


In 2018 we invited allies to take part in the parade and we made our float bigger and better. This time we were a 50 strong and again we were awarded the Community Group Special Commendation.


We will continue to march in Mardi Gras as it creates really incredible bonds and pride within our community. 

For Transgender Day of Visibility, we asked our members to send in a video of themselves talking about what trans visibility means to them. We had it professionally edited by a member and posted it on the day. It was a really important video which continues to circulate on social media.


Over the last few years many of our members have been invited to speak in corporate situations such as Out for Australia and Legal Aid. Queer Screen have invited us to co-present and introduce each film with a trans focus in their festival.


Our Facebook group continues to be the core connection between members. It’s a really interactive group with discussions and postings daily.  We work hard to ensure that it’s safe, supportive and positive for all people.


Recently we have produced a number of new events including a public speaking and media training workshop, a grooming workshop for male identifying people and a make-up and wigs workshop for female identifying people.


We also have a clothing swap shop where people bring their clothes from pre-transition or the early stages of transition and swap them for better suited attire.


Trans Pride Australia members range from 18 to 80+.  There’s an enormous range of diversity in our group from cultural background, ability, mental health situations and age.


We welcome all new members to our group. If you identify as trans or gender diverse you can join the Trans Pride Australia Group.  If you identify as LGB or are an ally you can join the Trans Pride Australia Allies.  If you are a partner of a trans or gender diverse person you can join the Trans Pride Australia Partners group. Plus, everyone can like our page – Trans Pride Australia’s Community and Events to keep up to date with what’s on. TSP invites you to be as active as you like.  You might want to get involved in organising events, advocating and speaking or you might just like to be part of the social group, the Facebook group or attend our workshops. 


Whatever suits you, we welcome you.